Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Blog Post 5, Part 2

Summary of use of a personal learning network:

I have found that using personal learning networks can be very resourceful. For mine, I used Symbaloo. They are great for staying organized and having a mass of links available at one time. They can be somewhat difficult to learn to operate, but once it is mastered, it is pretty simple.

In mine, I included links to Twitter, educational blogs, fitness tips, and more. The neat thing about these PLN's is that I can have different ones for different subjects- one for math, one for science- the list is endless. I encourage everyone to learn how to use them and actually put them to use!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Blog Post 13

What are other forms of educational technology? 

Many students are given iPads or other handheld tablets that they can use in the classroom. These often come with interesting software built in, but these tablets have the capability of downloading applications (or apps as they are commonly called) to use. There are many different kinds of apps, including educational ones that can be used in the classroom! Here are a few of them listed below, according to The Best Educational Apps for Kids:

1. Elmo Loves 123s- this helps children learn to count and identify numbers.
2. Disney Story Central- includes numerous ebooks that children can read
3. Fish School HD- fish teach children numbers and letters of the alphabet
4. Stack the States- helps children learn the states in the United States and their capitals
5. Habitat the Game- teaches children environmental awareness
6. Winky Think Logic Puzzles- challenging puzzles that make children think creatively

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Blog Post 12

What assistive technologies are available to you as a teacher? 

Assistive technology is technology that helps anyone with a disability perform at a better level.  There are numerous assistive technologies for people who are blind, deaf, or even cannot use their arms and legs properly. There are many apps for smartphones, computers, and iPads to help students with disabilities learn. These are used often and display here: iPad usage for the blind.

I think this is awesome that these apps are available to me. Considering I will be certified to teach special ed when I graduate college, I really have to know how to teach students with disabilities. These technologies will help make me a better teachers as I will be able to reach out to more students.
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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

C4T #3

I was assigned to Jeff Delp again for this round of comments for teachers. I love his blog! He focuses a lot on the government side of education and following policies, which really interests me. In his most recent post, The Marginalization of Children, he speaks about how it is important for each child to have the same access to education as any other student. Students should not be treated any differently because of their parents' income or any other possessions they may have. Every child deserves a quality education, and should be given one.

In my comment, I agreed with him. Children cannot help the situations they were born into, and should not be treated differently because of it. Every child deserves a great education and people devoted to ensuring that they get it.

In Jeff Delp's most reent blog post, Empathy and Difference Making Matter, he talks about how important it is for teachers to maintain a good relationship with their students. He believes that as long as teachers care and are empathetic, they will produce students who therefore turn into good people. He then uses this as a means to ask for donations for the 6:8 Project which is wanting to build an orphanage in Haiti.

In my comment, I told him that we thought in very similar ways. It is very important for students and their teachers to have a good relationship. I told him that I hope that the orphanage in Haiti gets built and I'm sure it would benefit many children.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

C4K 8-10
I was assigned to Jacob S's blog. His most recent post was about aardvarks. He said that they were from Africa and are nocturnal. He also said they were on Noah's ark.
In my comment, I told him that he had written a good post. I have never seen an aardvark before, but I imagine that it would be pretty neat to see one.

I was assigned to Gray's blog. He wrote about his upcoming PARCC test. He said that he has worked hard, and that he has confidence in himself to do well.

In my comment, I introduced myself and said that I was a student at South Alabama. I said I knew that he would do well on this test, and that the more confidence he has, the better.

I was assigned to Jorja's class blog. Jorja is a student from New Zealand. In his post, he talked about a class field trip that his class took to Holland Gardens. He wrote about the fun that he had, and all the fun things that could be done at Holland Gardens.

In my comment, I told him that he had written a great post. It was really neat to see the pictures from a place in New Zealand, considering I am from the United States. Holland Gardens definitely seems like a fun place to visit.